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 One of the traditions that we have a Barb’s Greenhouse & Gardens is providing  money-saving offers to our valued customers in and around the areas of Hackensack, Longville, Walker and beyond. Who doesn’t like saving some cash while doing some much-needed landscaping or gardening around your home or business? In a nutshell, our first love is gardening, and we want to share that passion with others while saving you a little money along the way.

Our customer information may change weekly, so visit this page often, from May through September, to stay informed on how you can enjoy great deals on annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs and garden center gift items

Young Living essential oils are available in our fully-stocked gift store.

  BIG SALE starting Now!

All flowers in 4pk, 3″ thru 6″ eco pots

and proven winner, buy One get TWO free!

Hanging baskets, $20.00 ALL SIZES!

Pre-planted containers, 30% off!

All trees and shrubs 40% off and perennials 30%

B & B 8′ to 9′ Birch Clumps Reg. $259.00 on sale for $179.00

( Delivery & planting not available on B & B trees)  


                            Regular prices for Annuals  and Vegetables                           

4pks                 $4.99          Vining Veggies $3.59

3” Flower        $2.99           4pks                   $4.99

5”  ecopots     $6.49           4” Herb pots    $5.29

PW 5”               $6.99           4” Peppers        $3.29

6”  ecopots     $7.49           5” Basil              $6.99

6″ Dahlias       $9.99           Oval Pots            TBD 

13” H. Bsk     $42.99           5” Tomato         $5.99

16” H. Bsk     $52.99          1 gal Tomato     $9.99

Weekender Bsk $59.99          XL Dahlia          $11.99      

Fountain Grass, Cannas, XL Geraniums   $11.99  

XXL Dahlias      $12.99

Specialty planters, Insta-pot design and 8PK containers as priced.


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